Sony SmartBand – Log Your Life


Sony has come up with a wearable device that can log your life. Sony announced the SmartBand back around MWC 2014. SmartBand comes with many tools to help consumers track their daily activities.

SmartBand will work with most Android smartphones. SmartBand also has it’s own application named “LifeLog”. The LifeLog application gives the user a visual presentation of how they have spent their day.

SmartBand can be used in many ways. SmartBand can track an individuals steps and can also be used as a media control device. The SmartBand has many functions that help track daily activities.

The Sony SmartBand has two parts to it. A wristband a Core device from Sony enable the SmartBand to track daily activities. The device comes with one button, a signature Sony power button. The SmartBand is dust and water resistant. SmartBand does not include a screen and allows the LifeLog application to become the device’s visual representation.

Sony’s SmartBand is a unique wearable that can count an individuals steps as well as track daily activities.


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