HTC Holding An Event On August 19th

HTC has been producing excellent smartphones recently. The HTC One (M8) was announced back in March. Now it seems that HTC may have a big unknown announcement coming soon.

There are a few products that might be launched during this event. HTC may announce new smartphones and tablets. HTC could even reveal a wearable device.

There are three smartphones HTC may announce. HTC has been rumored to release a Windows Phone. The HTC One (M8) For Windows could launch. HTC could also launch the HTC J Butterfly. The HTC J Butterfly is like the HTC One (M8), but comes with a water resistant body. The least expected announcement could be the HTC One (M8) Prime. The HTC One (M8) Prime was rumored to be a slightly improved device over the HTC One (M8). Rumors regarding the HTC One (M8) Prime have toned down so it’s unlikely that this device will make it to the market.

HTC could also be working on tablets. HTC could announce two Google Nexus tablets. The difference between the two slates could be screen size.

One device that has had mixed rumors would be a HTC wearable. HTC could launch a smartwatch at this event. The rumored HTC wearable could be a new Android Wear device.

There are many devices that could headline HTC’s event. This event will take place on August 19th. Keep an eye out for any teasers or leaks regarding HTC.


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