Samsung Galaxy Alpha Rumors

Samsung has been rumored to make a premium smartphone under the Galaxy brand. Now it seems that a premium Samsung Galaxy smartphone could be launching in the very near future.

A device named the Galaxy Alpha has been rumored to support a premium build. The Galaxy Alpha is rumored to have a 720p display that is about 4.7 inches. The premium build on this device might be seen at it’s frame. The Galaxy Alpha is rumored to have a metal frame. The rest of the device might be constructed out of plastic. Some reports also suggest that the Galaxy Alpha will be ready for AT&T and T-Mobile customers.

Reports claim that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Alpha around the time Apple announces it’s iPhone 6. Apple has been known to announce the iPhone in September which is right around the corner. Samsung may try to pull customers away from the iPhone with the Galaxy Alpha.

A premium Samsung Galaxy device is on it’s way. We are not sure if other premium Galaxy smartphones are on their way. Keep in mind that there were a few Galaxy F rumors a while ago. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha could be the premium smartphone some people have been waiting for.


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