Samsung Galaxy Alpha Is Official


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha has been rumored for quite a while and the handset is now official. Samsung aims to compete with Apple’s iPhone 6 with the new smartphone. Samsung also wants us to take notice of it’s new design language. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is here with mixed thoughts.

The Galaxy Alpha has decent specifications. The device supports a 4.7 inch 720p display, 12 megapixel rear facing camera, and a 1860 mAh battery. The Galaxy Alpha brings mid-range specifications to the market.

Samsung has brought a new design to the Galaxy Alpha. The new handset features a metal frame with a few other minor changes. Plastic is still found on the back of the device. The main difference in the design language would be the introduction of a metal frame.

Samsung and Apple are huge rivals in the smartphone market. The two companies are leaders in bringing us new mobile devices. Samsung wants to attract iPhone fans with the new Galaxy Alpha. Samsung is trying to compete with Apple’s soon to be announced iPhone 6 by introducing a device that is almost the same height as the iPhone. The Galaxy Alpha and iPhone 6 may also have specifications that may not differ that much. Samsung may try to take a few iPhone fans with the announcement of the Galaxy Alpha.

The Galaxy Alpha has been annoucned, but more information is still unknown. We don’t have any information regarding the price and launch of the device. Some reports suggest a September launch for certain markets.

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is a mid-range smartphone. Many people would have liked better specifications. The Galaxy Alpha does show us that Samsung is able to put together a smartphone with some kind of premium build. The Samsung Galaxy Alpha is now official.


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