Sony SmartWatch 3 Could Be Announced At IFA 2014

Sony was one of the first companies to bring us smartwatches. Now Sony could reveal it’s SmartWatch 3 at this year’s IFA trade show.

Sony’s SmartWatch 3 may include a few improvements over the current SmartWatch 2. SmartWatch 3 may bring a form of wireless charging, an improved display, and larger battery. There is also a chance that the SmartWatch 3 could include built in Wi-Fi. There aren’t any detailed specifications at the moment regarding this gadget.

Google has recently brought us Android Wear. Sony’s SmartWatch 3 is not likely to support Android Wear. Sony is likely to bring it’s own Android user interface to the device. Sony may release future smartwatches that run Google’s Android Wear user interface.

Sony is expected to announce many new products at IFA 2014. SmartWatch 3 may bring some eye catching features. All questions regarding SmartWatch 3 might be answered at IFA 2014.


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