Sony To Bring New Wearables To IFA 2014

Lots of consumer electronics brands will be at IFA 2014 to announce new products. Sony is looking to bring two new wearables to the trade show.

Sony is likely to show us a new smartwatch. The device will likely be named the Sony SmartWatch 3. The new wearable is expected to be dust and water resistant. The device will run a version of Android. It is unclear if the smartwatch will run Sony’s customized Android skin or Google’s Android Wear.

ThereĀ is a second wearable Sony is looking to show us at IFA. The company is likely to reveal what’s being called the SmartBand Talk. The SmartBand Talk is also expected to have dust and water resistance. The new wearable will support a display, unlike the original SmartBand.

Sony’s IFA 2014 press event is this week. Keep an eye out for the SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk.


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