Sony To Host October 9 Event In New York City

Sony hasn’t really attempted to sell Xperia handsets in the United States, but that may change after an event on October 9th in New York City.

Sony has sent out an invite to media outlets regarding the event on October 9th. The invite shows the Sony logo with the words “Demand Great”. This invite may hint to a release of the Xperia Z3 Series in the U.S.

T-Mobile has been one of Sony’s partners in the U.S for sometime now. Sony and T-Mobile have brought U.S consumers the Xperia Z and Xperia Z1s. T-Mobile has confirmed that the Xperia Z3 is headed it’s way.

Recent rumors regarding carrier support in the U.S hinted at a Verizon and Sprint launch. Rumors pointed to Verizon’s Sony Xperia Z3 being named the Xperia Z3v. Sprint is also likely to get the handset according to previous rumors.

Look for Sony to release the Xperia Z3 in the U.S soon. Sony is looking to expand it’s mobile business worldwide and may attempt to grab consumers attention in the U.S.

Some reports claim that Sony may also launch additional products. Sony may bring it’s low-end Xperia E3 to the U.S. The Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact could also be available in the U.S market soon.

Sony may attempt to storm into the U.S mobile market. All questions should be answered on October 9th regarding Sony’s plans for it’s mobile line-up in the U.S.


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