Sony PlayStation Vita – Gaming On The Go

Sony is well known for it’s PlayStation devices. The company has tried to have success with the PS Vita (PlayStation Vita) which is a high end handheld gaming device.

The PS Vita has unique features such as a 5 inch touchscreen and rear facing touchpad. The PS Vita also comes with dual joysticks. The PlayStation buttons are present as well. An eight megapixel camera is found on the rear. Sony also included a front facing camera for the PS Vita.

Sony has flaps or ports covering almost all parts of the PS Vita’s opennings. The device’s charging port is not covered with a flap. The PS Vita comes with circular silver buttons. One button is present for power while the other two are for volume control.

The PS Vita runs Sony’s PlayStation software which is very fluid and smooth. The software comes with pre loaded applications such as Music, Settings, Trophies, and more. Additional applications can be found in the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation Vita can provide a user console like features. Games are normally well displayed on the five inch display. Features such as Remote Play allow users to connect with other PlayStation devices as well as some Xperia smartphones.

The Sony PlayStation Vita has a growing list of games, applications, and content. The PlayStation Vita is a device for pure gaming fans who want to see their favorite games travel with them.


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