Sony PlayStation 4 – An Excellent Gaming Machine

Sony is looking to impress many with it’s PlayStation 4 (PS4). The PS4 is a solid gaming console for anyone looking for a high end gaming device.

The PS4 packs tons of new features. There are hardware features that enable the PS4 to perform well with graphics and processing information. The PS4 also packs the ability for online operations.

The PlayStation 4 has an interesting design. The PS4 is a slim box which currently comes in black and white color options. The PS4 has two USB ports on the front. Buttons for power and disk ejection are also found on the front. The buttons on the front are sometimes difficult to notice due to them being touch based. The top of the PS4 has a light that changes colors depending on the system’s current state of operation. The back of the PS4 has major ports such as HDMI. The back is where fans of the device are located.

The PS4 comes with a DUALSHOCK 4 controller. The DUALSHOCK 4 controller has directional and PlayStation buttons. The Share and Options buttons now replace the Select and Start buttons. A PlayStation button is also present at the center of the controller. The controller packs a touchpad on it’s front. The DUALSHOCK 4 also has a light bar which can also change colors.

The PlayStation 4’s software is very well built. The PS4 software is built around users and media consumption. The PS4 also can connect to the PlayStation Network. The PlayStation Store is also present for the ability to add content to your console. PlayStation Plus gives users additional features such as the ability to play certain gaming titles online with other users. PlayStation Plus also offers discounts on certain games as well as the Instant Game Collection.

The PlayStation 4 is a well built gaming machine. The console is able to do many tasks. Sony may have tons of success with it’s PlayStation 4.


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