Microsoft Event Brings New Gadgets & Software

Microsoft recently had an event and announced many new gadgets and gave new information regarding the upcoming Windows 10 operating system.

New hardware includes the Surface Hub, a 4K TV that has a lot of unique features. The Surface Hub is a device that is likely intented for businesses. The device can be controlled by voice and also includes stylus operations.

Microsoft provided more information on it’s Windows 10 operating system. Most devices running Windows 7, 8, 8.1 will be able to update. Windows Phone users will also be able to get the new Windows 10 operating system. The big announcement regarding Windows 10 is that it will be free for users to upgrade within the first year of it’s release.

Windows 10 will come with a new Spartan web browser. Internet Explorer will still be loaded onto Windows 10 devices, but Spartan could be the future browser for Microsoft.

Microsoft announced much more at their event this past week. All of the new products do not have pricing information at the moment. Microsoft might be connecting the cores of it’s company together with the announcements made this past week.


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