LPN Review Guidelines: How We Review Products, Services, & More


The LaserPost Network (LPN) has revealed it’s plans on how it will review products, services, and more. The guidelines for how we review items is below.

LPN will focus on the following when reviewing a product, service, and more

  • Build Quality: LPN will observe how durable a product or service is. We will observe how much damage a product can take. We will also examine how well a service is put together.
  • Hardware: We will examine how hardware looks and feels when reviewing a product. We will also judge a product on the internal hardware it may contain such as processors and batteries. Displays, cameras, hardware buttons, and more will also be inspected.
  • Software: We will examine a product or service regarding it’s software. We will see how smooth the software experience is. We will look into software stability. The types of applications on the software will also be observed.
  • Pricing: We will observe the price of a product or service. We will examine the review product and compare it to it’s competition’s price tag.
  • Comparisons: We will put the review product up against it’s competition and see how the two devices or services are similar and different.

LPN will rate a device or product out of 10 points based on the information above. Other factors that are not listed above may also effect a review. Reviews will mainly consist a device or service being rated with the above guidelines.


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