Sony Xperia Z3 Neo Rumors Bring Confusion

XPERIA LOGORumors have now started regarding a new Sony Xperia smartphone model.

Some new information, which is not verified, comes from @ViziLeaks on Twitter. The message from this source is below.

“By the way, none of the ‘Z4 leaks’ are Z4 leaks. Sony has different plans 😉 #sayhellotoz3neo”

There have been multiple images and reports claiming that Sony might be working on the Xperia Z4. Many images didn’t show much of a difference from the Xperia Z3. Many reports have shown that a future Sony Xperia model will come with very few design changes and an improved processor.

Sony may launch a new member to the Xperia Z3 Series family with the Xperia Z3 Neo. The previous reports have only shown a minor improvement over the Xperia Z3. News should arrive very soon on a future Sony smartphone.


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