Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Could Be Announced Soon

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Samsung is rumored to announce a more durable and rugged variant of the Galaxy S6 very soon.

Rumors have arrived of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. The Galaxy S6 Active will feature three physical buttons on the bottom of it’s front. The handset will not include a fingerprint scanner, but might be dust and water resistant.

The Galaxy S6 Active may come with an Exynos 7420 processor, 5.1 inch QHD display, 3GB of RAM, 3600mAh battery, and support for expandable storage.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active could be announced in May 2015. The handset is expected to launch in the color options of black, camouflage blue, and camouflage white. The Galaxy S6 Active might also be headed to AT&T.

News of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active is most likely around the corner. Samsung might be very close to launching one of it’s most durable smartphones of 2015.


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