Apple Watch Review: Good, But Not Perfect

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Apple has finally entered the smartwatch market with it’s latest wearable. The Apple Watch is the company’s first smartwatch which does a great job with most tasks, but does have a few flaws. Apple has managed to design a first generation wearable that should do well for most people.

Based on the LaserPost Network Review Guidelines, the Apple Watch receives a 9 out of 10 star rating. The Apple Watch has positives and negatives like most devices. The smartwatch has good functionality, decent battery life, and excellent app integration. The negatives of the Apple Watch are found in the exercise and price departments. Apple has created a wearable which is satisfying for a first generation device, but improvements could have been made.

The Apple Watch is different from most smartwatches. Apple’s timepiece has many options for buyers ranging from a Sport model all the way to an Edition model. The Apple Watch Sport is the most affordable model while the most expensive model is the Apple Watch Edition. Materials used to manufacture the wearable makes a difference in price.

Some Apple Watch models feature a sapphire display while others do not. Some Apple Watch models have gold carat material while others have stainless steel offerings. There are different watch band sizes. All of the above mentioned options make a difference with the price tag as well.

The display on the Apple Watch is viewable outdoors. Some displays with sapphire material have been reported to have scratches. The display does a good job displaying information to a user. Display quality might differ due to different display materials. The display should satisfy most users.

Battery life on the Apple Watch should provide users with a day of usage. More juice can be placed into the Apple Watch by enabling the wearable’s power saving mode. The Apple Watch has a magnetic charger instead of a microUSB based charger. The battery in the Apple Watch is right on par with other smartwear in the market.

Apple brings a new operating system to the Apple Watch. The home screen consists of apps found in the shapes of circles. The crown and power button also provide the watch with functionality. An iPhone application is required to organize certain items such as the order in which apps are displayed. Some apps may crash causing the timepiece to reboot. Apps also take a while to open up. Some applications do provide an excellent experience due to the way information is presented. Apple has gotten of to a good start for it’s watch’s software.

The Apple Watch is able to track exercise. The device will inform users to stand if they have been sitting for a long period of time. The Apple Watch also packs a heart rate sensor which is decent. Tracking is done well by the Apple Watch, but there are times where the timepiece miscalculates information.

The Apple Watch is very similar to Android Wear smartwatches. Both wearable platforms provide notifications, track exercise, and deliver good software experience. The Apple Watch and Android Wear devices are very similar and both platforms should satisfy users.

The Apple Watch is a great wearable which does come with a few ups and downs. The Apple Watch requires an iPhone and is for someone willing to spend quite a bit of cash on a first generation product. Apple’s timepiece isn’t for someone who doesn’t want to use an iPhone or pay a high price tag. Apple has made an excellent entry into the smartwatch market with the Apple Watch.


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