Google I/O 2015 Recap


Google I/O 2015 was recently held and brought a lot of news. A recap of the event’s major announcements are below.

Android M has been announced. The latest version of Android does not have a full name yet, but is currently available for developers. Android M isn’t a major redesign of the operating system, but fixes issues that were found with Android Lollipop.

Android M brings a few improvements. Battery life will be extended with a new feature called Doze. Doze is said to increase a device’s standby time. A device’s sensors will be used to see if the device is in standby mode. A device will shut down app refreshes and background activities while Doze is being used.

Android M will also implement support for fingerprint sensors. Android Pay was also announced. Android Pay allows a user to unlock their device and pay using NFC or the fingerprint scanner.

Android Wear was detailed at Google I/O 2015 as well. Wrist gestures are now on board.

Google has made an attempt to help out with the internet of things. Brillo is the lower layers of Android that comes with connectivity. Weave is the language that will be used to allow devices to communicate with one another.

Google has improved it’s Photos app. The new Google Photos app will allow users to backup their photos and videos. There is unlimited storage space if content is backed up and captured with 16 megapixels and 1080p resolution.

Google has made many big announcements at this year’s I/O event. The announcements made by Google will soon be ready for users in the very near future.


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