Innovation Could Lead To Different Smartphone Designs


Most smartphones today are very good at performing everyday tasks, but most mobile handsets look alike. Smartphone manufacturers are showing signs of separating from one another in terms of device design language. Smartphone brands may soon bring back the days of innovation to the mobile market.

Most of our smartphones today are a solid rectangle constructed out of different materials. Smartphones differ today with their internals and minimal exterior design details. Handsets come with various display sizes, speakers, camera technologies, batteries, RAM, and much more. The outside of a phone may appear differently due to it’s body material. Some phones are made out of plastic, metal, glass, and even wood. The noticeable changes on today’s smartphone exterior would be the placement of headphone jacks, dock stations, and cameras. Most phones today look similar with very few changes.

The future seems to have smartphone brands such as Samsung and LG separate one another from the rest of the competition. Samsung recently announced the Galaxy S6 Edge back at MWC 2015 while LG revealed the G Flex 2 at CES 2015. Both of these smartphones bring unique design changes to the exterior of smartphones.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge features high end specifications, but that isn’t the most impressive part of the device. Samsung’s latest mobile innovation comes with a screen on the left and right edges of the handset. The edges of the Galaxy S6 Edge have curved displays which can be used for multiple functions.

LG also innovated in the mobile market with it’s G Flex 2 smartphone. The LG G Flex 2 has a curved back. The back of LG’s innovative mobile product also has a self healing feature which allows the G Flex 2 to recover from some scratches and bumps. The curved back means that the display on the G Flex 2 is also curved. The curved display provides a cinematic viewing experience for consumers. The G Flex 2 also fits into pockets in a more comfortable feel when compared to today’s rectangular shaped devices.

Samsung and LG are two of today’s most noticeable smartphone brands who have already tried to evolve the exterior design of smartphones. Samsung and LG have given us a small preview of how smartphones may look in the future.

Rumors suggest that Samsung could try to make an incredible folding smartphone which would be something completely different from today’s smartphones. Samsung is reportedly working on folding display technology. A folding smartphone from Samsung could be launched within the next few years.

Today’s smartphones are great, but look very similar from the outside. Brands like Samsung and LG are trying to change how smartphones will look in the future. If rumors come to be true and innovation continues, all smartphones may not always be rectangular in the coming years.


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