Apple WWDC 2015 Recap


Apple held it’s WWDC 2015 event today and made many big announcements.

Apple announced iOs 9, it’s latest mobile operating system which will be coming to iPhones and iPads in the fall. iOs 9 comes with new wallpapers, keyboard design, and fonts. Bigger changes include bug fixes, software stability, better battery performance, and faster processing. A developer preview is now live for iOs 9 and a consumer preview of the new platform should be launching this July.

Apple also announced OS X El Capitan, it’s latest operating system for Macs. New features include Spaces Bars, a new multitasking method. Spaces Bars allow users to switch between desktops and run programs side by side. Metal is also making it’s way to OS X. New fonts as well as stability were also added.

Apple introduced watchOS 2, an improved version of the software that will soon run on the Apple Watch. New features include new watch faces and Siri integration during workouts. The Apple Watch will soon be able to start workouts. Public transportation information will also be displayed. Native apps for the Apple Watch may also be on the way.

Apple announced it’s music service at this year’s WWDC. The music service will be ready for iOs, but will also make it’s way over to Android. Apple Music, the name of the new streaming service, will support a 24 hour global radio for all seven days of the week. Siri will be able to assist connecting fans to their favorite musicians.

Apple Maps have also been improved. The mapping service from Apple will now be able to provide users with walking directions as well as public transportation information.

A split screen view is coming to iPads very soon. Now users of an Apple iPad can truly multitask.

Siri sees a major improvement within all of Apple’s latest updates. Siri will be able to provide tons of information to users than ever before. Siri can now pull information and provide users with responses in a faster form.

Apple announced many new updates and features at WWDC 2015. Developer previews should be available very soon with consumer previews coming later on. A release of Apple’s latest features and services should arrive sometime this fall. Apple launched many new features and software improvements which may increase user experiences.


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