Samsung Galaxy “S6 Note” Trademark Filed


Samsung could be launching a phablet sized device very soon as the name “S6 Note” has been trademarked by the company.

A new Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone is revealed at the IFA tradeshow which takes place in September every year. Samsung could be creating confusion or may want to make things more simple for consumers.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is expected at IFA 2015, but Samsung could always launch the Galaxy S6 in a larger form and with a S Pen adding the Note name to the device.

Samsung could also ditch the idea of launching a Galaxy Note 5. Samsung has used the Note name for some of it’s tablets. Merging the S and Note lines of smartphones may no confuse consumers in the future.

There have been rumors of a Galaxy S6 Plus device as well. Samsung may or may not use the Plus name. The Galaxy S6 Plus could be a large version of the Galaxy S6, but without the S Pen. The Galaxy S6 Note could be a larger version of the Galaxy S6 that packs the S Pen.

An official announcement from Samsung should clear up the speculation and confusion. Some type of announcement or information is expected by September 2015 and maybe even before the IFA tradeshow.


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