Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Review: Rugged & Durable


Samsung announced the Galaxy S6 Active for those who need a smartphone that can take punishment. The Galaxy S6 Active should be quite interesting for those who spend a lot of their time outdoors or in extreme environments.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active earns a 8.5 out of 10 score based on the LaserPost Network Review Guidelines for living up to it’s name while making a few improvements and even some sacrifices.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has a great 5.1 inch Quad-HD display creating an excellent multimedia consumption experience. The multimedia consumption experience might be ruined for some due to the speakers being located to the rear of the handset.

Samsung brings a 16 megapixel rear facing camera to the Galaxy S6 Active. The camera takes great images and can capture video in excellent form. Software features such as manual controls allow for an even better experience. The Galaxy S6 Active can be submerged underwater which means that the device can capture content underneath the surface. Double tapping the home button will launch the camera application even when in standby mode. Samsung brings a very good camera experience to the Galaxy S6 Active.

Samsung places the Galaxy S6 Active in a very durable casing. The casing provides great protection against falls, slips, and situations where damage could occur. Some damage might be seen on the casing, but shouldn’t cause much of a concern to the user. The screen of the device is pretty well protected from scratches. The casing of the Galaxy S6 Active is one reason the device lives up to it’s name.

Those who are active need a large battery pack to run off of. The Galaxy S6 Active comes with a non removable 3500mAh battery. The battery of the Galaxy S6 Active should please it’s user and should last a full day.

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Active runs Android Lollipop. Samsung’s TouchWiz interface is present. The software experience is middle of the line. Some enjoy Samsung’s interface while others dislike the software experience. The software on the Galaxy S6 Active runs quite well, but does have a few issues every once in a while such as app crashes.

The Galaxy S6 Active includes an Active key. The Active key can take a user into an application where a user can monitor certain tasks. The key can also launch a few apps. The Active key should help create shortcuts for the user.

Not everything is perfect with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Active. The speakers of the Galaxy S6 Active aren’t the best quality to  begin with and are almost useless after being taken out of water. App crashes and RAM issues may also create dissatisfaction for the user. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Active has a few flaws like every other handset in the market.

The Galaxy S6 Active is similar, but different to the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S6 Active and Galaxy S6 both run the same software, bring the same camera experience, and also provide an excellent display. The Galaxy S6 Active has a more durable body and can also be submerged in water while the Galaxy S6 has a more attractive design. The Galaxy S6 Active also has a larger battery pack than the Galaxy S6.

Samsung has done a much better job with this year’s Galaxy S6 Active. The Galaxy S6 Active has a durable design, excellent display, and large battery. A few flaws shouldn’t throw a consumer’s attention away from this handset as it is very much capable of being an individual’s daily driver.


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