LPN Update 6/24/2015


The LaserPost Network has a few new small additions as well as the return of a cetain type of content.

New Additions

  • Siting Sources: LaserPost will now site it’s sources for some of it’s stories
  • Improved Reviews: LaserPost will now start to include a more detailed review of a product or service
  • More Content: LaserPost will now post more than just news and review articles. Expect new types of articles such as comparisons and more to arrive soon
  • Mobile Concepts: LaserPost is trying to bring back Mobile Concepts. Mobile Concepts is a series of articles that showcases possible mobile gadgets. Note that all Mobile Concepts images are just made up images by LaserPost and are not real products
  • Polls: LaserPost will post articles that contain polls to get the opinions of our readers

LaserPost will be bringing back a major news category. LaserPost will now bring back National Football League (NFL) content.

We would like to thank all of our readers for all of the support. The LaserPost Network is looking forward to reporting for you.


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