Titans Rename Stadium As New Deal With Nissan Comes Official


The Tennessee Titans and Nissan have announced a new partnership on Thursday, June 25, 2015 which will change the name of the Titans current stadium.

The Titans stadium will now be called Nissan Stadium. The deal between the Titans and Nissan will last for 20 years.

Nissan has it’s North American headquarters in Nashville and also has over 11,500 employees working in the area. Nissan thinks that the name change of the stadium will help market it’s upcoming American Titan trucks.

The stadium will see some changes before the 2015 season gets going as signage will be updated.

The Titans will play their first game in the renamed stadium on Aug 23 during a pre-season match up against the  St. Louis Rams. The first regular season game at Nissan Stadium will take place on Sep 27 as the Titans battle the Indianapolis Colts.

The Tennessee Titans and Nissan have reached a new exclusive agreement that is likely to benefit both parties involved in the deal.

Source: National Football League (NFL.COM)


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